Dive Service in Lembeh

A great dive service
We have:

  • small groups of no more than 4 guests per dive guide (frequently 1 or 2 guests per dive guide)
  • our own dive boats with friendly and professional crew
  • local Divemasters who have done thousands of dives on the reefs

How We Succeed
We have 7 Divemasters and can therefore guarantee small dive groups, and when possible we will even try and offer your own dive guide. Small dive groups are just perfect for:

  • Couples who want to just dive together
  • Beginners who are worried about “holding back” the dive group
  • Photographers who want to dive away from the group

nemo 5-star service – when customers dive this area again, more than 95% return us!”
Getting ready to descend

No crowds in Lembeh Straits


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